Assistant Professor

Dr. Xiong Yi is an assistant professor in the School of System Design and Intelligent Manufacturing at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech). He received his Ph.D. degree in Engineering Design and Production from Aalto University, Finland, in 2016. From 2016 to 2017, he worked as a research engineer at Flanders Make, Belgium and participated in several R&D projects to develop industrial-grade additive manufacturing systems. From 2017-2020, he was a research fellow II in the digital manufacturing and design center at Singapore University of Technology and Design. His research interests include computational design and fabrication, design for additive manufacturing, adaptive process planning, design and optimization of complex engineered systems, intelligent measurement and control. Dr. Xiong has over ten years of international R&D experience, working with several projects funded by EU FP7, National Research Foundation (Singapore), Research Foundations Flanders (Belgium), and Academy of Finland. He has authored more than thirty peer-rereviewed scientific publications. Dr. Xiong also serves as a reviewer for international journals, including IEEE-ASME T MECH, IEEE Sens. J., and Rapid Prototyp.


Research Area

Mechanical Design: Applications of computational methods in product-material-process-performance design; design methodology and methods for complex engineering products

Intelligent products and manufacturing systems: Life-time sensing and iterative design of intelligent products; new hybrid manufacturing methods and equipment; adaptive process planning


Working Experience

2020.04- Present, Assistant Professor, SDIM, SUSTech

2017.10-2020.04, Research Fellow II, Singapore University of Technology, Singapore

2016.04-2017.08, Research Engineer, Flanders Make, Belgium

2012.09-2016.04, Project Researcher, Aalto University, Finland

2011.10-2012.08,  Research Assistant, Tampere University of Technology, Finland


Education Background

2012 - 2016, DSc, Engineering Design and Production, Aalto University, Finland

2010 - 2012, MSc, Machine Automation, Tampere University of Technology, Finland

2006 - 2010, BEng, Mechanical Engineering, Hubei University of Technology, China



Selected Journal Publications:

[SJ.4] Y. Xiong, Y.L. Tang, S. Park, D. W. Rosen, Harnessing Process Variables in Additive Manufacturing for Design Using Manufacturing Elements, In: ASME Journal of Mechanical Design. 2019. Accepted.

[SJ.3] Y. Xiong, P. L. T. Duong, D. Wang, S. Park, Q. Ge, N. Raghavan, D. W. Rosen, Data-Driven Design Space Exploration and Exploitation for Design for Additive Manufacturing. In: ASME Journal of Mechanical Design 141(10),101101, 2019.

[SJ.2] Y. Xiong, S. Park, S. Padmanathan, A. G. Dharmawan, S. Foong, D. W. Rosen, G.S. Soh, Process Planning for Adaptive Contour Parallel Toolpath in Additive Manufacturing with Variable Bead Width. In: International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology.105(10),4159-4170,2019.

[SJ.1] Y. Xiong, A. Tuononen. The In-plane Deformation of a Tire Carcass: Analysis and Measurement, In: Case Studies in Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing,2,12-18, 2015.

Other Journal Publications:

[J.8] D. Wang, Y. Xiong, B. Zhang, Y.F. Zhang, D. Rosen, Q. Ge, Design Framework for Mechanically Tunable Soft Biomaterial Composite Enhanced by Modified Horseshoe Lattice Structures, In: Soft Matter, 2020, Accepted.

[J.7] T. F. Lam, Y. Xiong, A. G. Dharmawan, S. H. Foong, G. S. Soh, Adaptive Process Control Implementation of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing for Thin-Walled Components with Overhang Features, In: International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology. 2019. Accepted.

[J.6] D. Garcia-Pozuelo, O. Olatunbosun, L. Romano, S. Strano, M. Terzo, A. Tuononen, Y. Xiong, Development and Experimental Validation of a Real-time Analytical Model for Different Intelligent Tire Concepts, In: Vehicle System Dynamics. In: Vehicle System Dynamics,57 (12),1970-1988,2019.

[J.5] Y. Xiong, X. Yang, A Review on In-tire Sensor Systems for Tire-road Interaction Studies, In: Sensor Review, Vol. 38 Issue: 2, pp.231-238,2018.

[J.4] Y. Xiong, A. Tuononen, A Multi-Laser Sensor System to Measure Rolling Deformation for Truck Tyres, In:Journal of Vehicle Performance, 3 (2), 115-126, 2017.

[J.3] Y. Xiong, A. Tuononen. Rolling Deformation of Truck Tires: Measurement and Analysis Using a Tire Sensing Approach. In: Journal of Terramechanics, 61, 33-42, 2015.

[J.2] Y. Xiong, A. Tuononen. A Laser-based Sensor System for Tire Tread Deformation Measurement. In: Journal of Measurement Science and Technology, 25(11),11503,2014.

[J.1] Y. Xiong, J. Hirvonen and P. Kallio. 3D Calibration of Micromanipulators Using Stereo Vision. In: Journal of Micro-Bio Robotics,8 (1), 13-24,2013.



2016, PhD scholarship, Aalto University

2013, Research Travel Grant, International Association for Vehicle System Dynamics (IAVSD)

2008, National Scholarship, Ministry of Education